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Here are the current forms that are available for 2016:

2016 Dates:

Junior Week 1  ->  June 26 - July 2
Junior Week 2  ->  July 3 - July 9
Senior Week 1  ->  July 10 - July 16
Senior Week 2  ->  July 17 - July 23

2016 TRCC FULL Registration Packet

2016 Must Have Forms

2016 Medical Forms

2016 Counselor Application Packet

2016 Volunteer Packet

2016 Online Volunteer Forms:

Volunteer Form
This form can be filled out by anyone looking to volunteer

Volunteer Reference Form
This form can be filled out by anyone looking to be a reference for someone who has sent in an application to volunteer. You will need their phone number that they used to register.

Camp Bethel 360

Announcement from TRCC Board of Directors:

In 2008 we announced that after having been approached by representatives from Timothy Hill and many prayers and careful consideration, the TRCC Board of Directors had decided to relocate from Camp Bethel, in Haddam CT, to Timothy Hill Christian Camp. Prior to that decision TRCC had enjoyed a 35 year relationship with Bethel, but also recognized that the THCC facility would present an opportunity for TRCC to expand and improve. While the THCC facility did and continues to present some positive opportunities, it also presented some difficulties as well.

Again, after many prayers and careful consideration where The Board reviewed the pros and cons from the past four years the TRCC Board of Directors announces that they have decided to return to Camp Bethel beginning with the 2014 Camping Season.

Our goal for the past 40 years has been to provide a Bible based sleep away summer camp staffed by faithful members of the Lord's church for as many campers as possible. After having reviewed the questionnaires that were completed by parents, volunteers and campers over the past few years, it was concluded that returning to CT would allow the following:

  1. Immediate potential for more campers each week
  2. Maintaining low camper fees
  3. Handle staff housing and daily volunteers easier
  4. More modern bathroom and toilet facilities
  5. A considerable shortened travel time for most campers and volunteers.

The Board would like to further point out that this decision is not intended to negatively represent Timothy Hill in any manner. This decision was based on what the Board believes is in the best interests of Tidal River Christian Camp, and not based on any perceived notions about THCC. The members of the TRCC Board of Directors are thankful for Timothy Hill in working with us over the past few years and allowing us to run our program at their facility. However, we are also looking forward to once again being able to utilize a facility that can handle over 100 campers weekly while continuing to offer an affordable Christian camping experience.

With God’s help, and your continued support and help, TRCC anticipates another 40 years of Christian camping.

TRCC Board of Directors

TRCC Board Meeting

The Next board meeting will be on Saturday, May 7th 9:00 AM @ Ward St. church of Christ